Validation Service

MyPark now offers a new in-app validation feature with its revolutionary parking service for reserved and on demand premium parking. The MyPark validation feature enables mall operators, retailers, theaters, restaurants or any other business, to drive more customers into their locations.

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Validation Process

  • Guest parks at any MyPark location
  • Guest then visits a participating merchant
  • Once the guest completes their purchase, the merchant inputs a code on the guest’s phone immediately validating the event for the $ amount or time they chose. This 8-digit code can also be dictated to the guest, since the code is unique and can’t be used again.
  • Once the guest drives away, they will receive an email receipt detailing the total cost of their session, the amount paid by the merchant and the amount charged to their card, if any.

Features & Benefits

  • Reward your guests with a premium parking space
  • The best parking validation experience, period
  • Seamless and easy for you and the guest
  • Attracts key demographic guests to your location
  • MyPark promotes merchant partners as part of our marketing efforts
  • No POS integration, stickers or custom hardware required
  • Easily add balance to your partner dashboard using a credit card online
  • View all the details of your MyPark account on your partner dashboard and get access to all your validated sessions with reports and full traceability of every validated session