The MyPark Franchise Opportunity

Most Franchises = Low Profiles and Large Investments

Owning a franchise seems like a great idea. You buy a business concept and the company behind the franchise provides everything you need to “succeed.”

But here’s the problem – after you pay for your location, retail buildout, staff, expenses, royalties, advertising and other franchise fees, you can be left with very slim margins that are often less than what you made in your day job. So, you purchase another franchise and then another and soon you are working more hours than you did when you were working for someone else–and you are making less.

A survey from, …shows just how dire things have become for many franchise owners. More than half think that they don’t make a fair profit, 91% of those surveyed were in debt, and around 66% operate at a loss or are breaking even, per the survey of more than 1,100 franchise owners.

–The Cheat Sheet

MyPark = Higher Profits, Lower Costs, and Less Hassles

What if you could own a franchise that generates significant profits and an ongoing stream of revenue?

There aren’t many opportunities in the franchise world that have a reasonable investment, high margins, an ongoing stream of revenue and endless opportunities for growth. The MyPark franchise opportunity is exactly that.

What Makes a MyPark Franchise Better

  • MyPark is… Not your burger joint franchise. You don’t have to hire, rehire, and manage a large staff, you don’t need a retail store location, you don’t have to deal with health regulations, and slim margins.
  • MyPark has… Virtually no competitors. Mall, garage and lot operators can become partners.
  • MyPark has… Great margins. Other franchises require you to own multiple locations just to make a profit.

With a MyPark franchise, you could potentially see millions in revenue and profit with an investment to get started that is typically less than what is required to get a fast food franchise up and running.

A MyPark Franchise

  • Easy to setup and run
  • No selling – simply lease existing parking spots
  • Everyone wins – Malls, Retailers and Customers
  • Get in the tech business with a monetized ‘Internet of Things’ platform

Minimum Investment (rate depends on territory size) includes MyPark devices, app access, and full setup. Contact MyPark for more specific information.

A Booming Industry Opportunity

Among the top 10 emerging trends in parking, half relate directly to a range of different technologies that have revolutionized the parking sector in the past few years. Topping the list are “innovative technologies that improve access control and payment automation” (53 percent), the “demand for electronic cashless payment” (44 percent), “prevalence of mobile applications” (47 percent) and “real-time communication of pricing and availability to mobile/smartphones” (41 percent), and “wireless sensing devices for traffic management” (22 percent). 

–’s Emerging Trends 2015

The worldwide parking industry is worth $100 billion… 

– Source: Frost & Sullivan (2014)

Couple this with the prediction that 50% of all spending will be done on smartphones or tablets by 2020 (75% of all online commercial transactions will be made via mobile as well).  It’s time to take advantage of these rapidly growing markets and invest in your future!


Will the app be available in multiple languages for international franchises?

Yes, MyPark will continue to add support for other languages in the App on a regular basis.

What about maintenance of the app and the parking units?

The necessary training and manuals for the maintenance of the units (handled locally by franchisee).

Does my franchise fee include units?

Included as part of the agreement is a $100,000 hardware fee to be applied to the first order (units are typically priced at about $999 per unit). Total Franchise Initiation Fees will be a combination of this initial hardware purchase and the licensing fee (determined by several factors once the territory has been identified).

Is there a warranty on the units?

MyPark provides a three year limited warranty for hardware components excluding the battery (Battery has a one year limited warranty).

How do MyPark Franchisees get paid?

From all the parking revenue collected through the app, MyPark will keep a small royalty (typically less than 10%), credit card fees and any applicable taxes, then transfer the rest to the franchisee.

Are Franchisees responsible for their own marketing and advertising?

Yes, franchises are responsible for marketing and creating brand awareness for MyPark within their territories. MyPark also runs advertising across multiple channels online to drive customers to you, supporting your local efforts. You’ll also have access to materials that we create and may use these for your efforts as well.

Franchise Application Request

If you are interested in getting more information on a MyPark Franchise, just complete and submit the form below.