MyPark at the Airport

MyPark is a new and convenient way for travelers to park at your Airport, nearer to their gate, when they want, without the frustration of driving around aimlessly looking for a parking space or waiting endlessly for the valet to arrive to take or return their car. And no tip required!

MyPark’s Airport Program provides a superior traveling experience for your customers, more value for airlines and airport tenants, and more Non-Aeronautical Revenue for you.

Customer Value

MyPark is a mobile app that accesses a parking reservation device, allowing travelers to upgrade their parking by getting a space where they want, when they want it.

The parking experience for passengers at airports is often a frustrating one. Lots are often very full and passengers can spend far too much time looking for a space near the gate for their flight.

Now travelers can book their parking space when they book their flight, assuring them of a hassle free parking experience when they depart. It also means it is easy for them to find and access their vehicle when they return home. That equates to more revenue for your parking system, guarantees your customers a higher degree of satisfaction, and keeps them parking in your lots rather than off site.

Simply tell the app where and when you would like to park and confirm your reservation. Once you arrive at your reserved space, just tap a button on your iOS or Android device and the unique MyPark reservation unit will lower to give you access. It’s that easy!

Grow Your Revenue

MyPark can become a significant source of NAR for your facility. Passengers can “upgrade” their parking through MyPark, paying for the reserved parking they want and increasing your overall revenue per parking space. You can add a premium parking solution to your system in no time.

The MyPark device, system and app can provide you with new sources of revenue, a better way to manage your premium parking, and a better experience for your airport’s passengers.

Simple Setup and Easy to Manage

Because it is wireless, the MyPark platform does not require additional wiring or changes to your current infrastructure. Our team will provide full installation and training on the devices and our easy-to-use backend management system that allows you to control devices, configure pricing, turn devices off and on and much more. If you prefer, the MyPark team can provide all management and administration for both the system and the devices.