Multiple Partnership Opportunities

Solve a Problem and Grow Your Revenue

MyPark offers a number of ways for companies to partner with us to earn additional revenue and to provide value to your customers and tenants.


Parking is a $100 billion industry and MyPark has a way for you to grab a piece of that industry with minimal investment, less hassle, and lower overhead than most franchises in the market. Learn how you can profit from a MyPark franchise.


Parking is an ongoing issue for mall patrons and the problem is getting worse. While valet parking can alleviate some of the problem, MyPark offers a solution that allows mall visitors to park in any number of spaces close to their destinations. Your tenants will appreciate the ease of access to their store and consumers will love being able to get where they are going more easily. There is no cost for a mall to offer the technology and the potential for additional revenue.


Any number of issues impact garage management and revenue and MyPark can help you alleviate some of the bigger issues you face managing public and private garages while providing an additional revenue stream for your property.


Airport lots are often very full and passengers can spend far too much time looking for a space near the terminal for their flight. With MyPark, travelers can select and book their parking space when they want, assuring them of a hassle-free parking experience when they arrive for their flight or return home. That equates to more revenue for your parking system, guarantees your customers a higher degree of satisfaction

Partner or Investor Interest

Interested in one of our Partner or Investor opportunities or do you have a question? We’re here to provide any information or assistance with our Partner programs and Investor opportunities. Just send us a request or question in the form below and we will respond to assist you.

– The MyPark Team