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Parking frustration is a universal experience–one we all  recognize too well. At MyPark, we’ve come up with the solution to most parking problems out there. MyPark allows you to find, reserve, and access your parking space, from your smartphone, hassle free!

Next time you go to your favorite participating Mall, Airport, Garage or Entertainment Venue, just tell your phone where you would like to park, confirm your reservation and that’s it! Once you arrive to your space, the system will automatically know you’re there and will ask you if you would like to access your space. Yes, it’s that simple.




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Register with Facebook or your email address


Find Your Space

Reserve your space in advance on the app OR go to your destination and select your space


Arrive at Your Space

Then watch the amazing MyPark device invite you into your space

No more parking frustration. Just smiles :)


Wow! Thank you for the quick response. By the way, I think MYPARK is an awesome service. I have limited mobility but do not yet qualify for handicap parking, so you can bet I’ll be using your service a lot. Thank you!
Thank you! I use your service regularly as I have 2 children so it’s very convenient for me. You guys are amazing with customer support.
YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to see more and more MyPark spots here! Way to go guys!
Honestly love the service!! I wish more people know about it somehow at the Garden State Plaza location I visit quite often. If there’s an opportunity to help advertise or get the word out, let me know. I’d be happy to somehow help!
This made pulling up to have dinner with my husband so smooth. No fuss, no parking lot wars or blinker standoffs! Woohoo!
You have definitely won us as customers. Hoping that you offer your services at more locations in the near future.
I absolutely love your product/service. Think about it - I always get a prime parking space - never have to wait for valet service or worry about them stealing... - waste time driving around looking for a parking space (I could go on and on).
Brilliant service!!! First time I've been able to park so close to the entrance in years! Feel safe for me and my car now! Hope to see you expand to other shopping centers in the metro Atlanta area.


We’re busy rolling out MyPark all over, so tell us your email address and we’ll let you know when MyPark is available where you shop, work, and live.